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Our best alternative for real tobacco taste satisfaction.

A better alternative

IQOS Duo on Table

Changing to IQOS is a better alternative than continuing to smoke cigarettes. For, on average, the nicotine-containing vapor produced by IQOS has 95% fewer harmful and potentially harmful substances than the smoke from a cigarette.*

Important information: It does not necessarily equate to a risk mitigation of 95% or that the consumption of IQOS is risk-free. HEETS contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance.

*Average reduction in the concentration of individual harmful substances (9 of the so-called “priority toxicants” identified by the WHO) in IQOS compared to the smoke from a reference cigarette (3R4F); evaluation using the Intense Smoking Regime from Health Canada without accounting for nicotine.

IQOS Duo on Table
IQOS 3 silver sideview

No more smell of cigarette smoke.

With IQOS, you can enjoy genuine tobacco without the unpleasant odor of cigarette smoke. No more smell on your hands, in your hair, or in your home. And the people around you also won’t be bothered by the smell of cigarette smoke anymore.

IQOS produces a tobacco aerosol that dissipates quickly compared to cigarette smoke.

Important info: IQOS is not risk-free.

Experience tobacco in an entirely new way.

In order to guarantee the best tobacco flavor, IQOS uses HeatControl™ technology to heat the high-quality tobacco in HEETS tobacco sticks to 350°C precisely. For unadulterated tobacco flavor without burning the tobacco. For we’d like to make the change from cigarettes to IQOS as easy as possible.

IQOS HEETS are consumed in more than 48 markets worldwide as heat-not-burn tobacco product.

Thanks to the unique range of flavors, you’ll also be able to find the HEETS variation that is right for you.

No fire, no ash, no glow.

Contrary to cigarettes, IQOS can’t burn you. Since tobacco isn’t being burned and no fire is involved, there is no glow and no ash.


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