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From us to you:
12 months voluntary IQOS warranty.

All key information about warranty terms and conditions for IQOS at a glance.

From us to you:
12 months voluntary IQOS warranty.

All key information about warranty terms and conditions for IQOS at a glance.

First point of contact: IQOS diagnostic tool

The easiest way to lodge a warranty claim by using the IQOS diagnostic tool. Doing so is quick and easy. Please note that your device needs to have been registered to use the tool.

To the IQOS diagnostic tool

More protection for you: IQOS CARE PLUS

IQOS CARE PLUS is our free service package for you. This extra service features a worldwide warranty and extended protection for self-inflicted damage not covered by warranty.

How does it work? Log in and register your device using your customer account.

To IQOS Care Plus

FAQs: A closer look at Service & Warranty

In the FAQs you will find, among other things, answers about the service and warranty of your IQOS device.


Further information

What should I do if my IQOS does not work or is broken?

1. Device Reset: If your device isn’t working, then please first reset your IQOS device in order to exclude a software error. You can learn how to reset your device here:


If the heating blade of your IQOS device is broken, please start the online-troubleshooting directly.

2. Online-Troubleshooting: If the problem persists after resetting the device, then launch the online-troubleshooting tool. Here you will also be informed if this is a warranty case and if you are entitled to get a replacement.


3. LiveChat: If you have any further questions regarding your device, please contact the IQOS LiveChat at

If you have questions or problems with your IQOS device, you can also visit a store near you. Click here to go to the store locator.

What rights do I have if my purchased products do not work properly?

  • When purchasing an IQOS product, you as a consumer are entitled to certain rights:
    • Warranty rights under law
    • Voluntary warranty from Philip Morris at no additional cost and in addition to your warranty rights under law.
  • The duration of the voluntary warranty is 12 months for a purchase in Germany.
  • Please also note the information on the exclusion of the warranty.

What is excluded from the voluntary warranty?

The following circumstances are not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage incurred from normal wear.
  • Cosmetic defects (such as scratches, pressure points, broken plastic).
  • Damage from abusive use, power surge, improper handling, contact with liquids or fire.
  • Damage or malfunctions due to the use of non-compatible products.
  • Damage or malfunctions caused by an attempt by the user or by a third party who has not been authorized by the manufacturer to open, modify, or repair components.
  • Damage or malfunctions due to use contrary to the description in the IQOS user guide.
  • Normal decline in battery performance unless the battery failure is due to a defect in materials or workmanship.

What happens if my device does not work properly?

  • Philip Morris will repair or replace for you those components of the product that are defective in materials or workmanship, provided the terms of the warranty are met. With IQOS CARE PLUS, you extend the protection of your device, even in the event of self-inflicted damage.
  • If the IQOS Holder or Charger is replaced, the defective component (Holder or Charger) must be returned to Philip Morris.
  • If a complete IQOS Kit is repaired or replaced (exceptional cases), you must return not only the defective component, but your complete original IQOS Kit to Philip Morris.
  • We will provide a free return label for the return shipment.

You can also talk to an expert at our stores if your device is not working properly. You can find the nearest IQOS store here.

How do I benefit from IQOS CARE PLUS?

With the free IQOS CARE PLUS service offer, you extend the protection of your IQOS instrument for the duration of the voluntary warranty. Benefits include:

  • Protection abroad through worldwide warranty, even when traveling.
  • Extended protection for self-inflicted damages not covered by the warranty, such as a broken heating blade.

To benefit from the service package, simply register your IQOS device under your customer account on with IQOS CARE PLUS.

Data privacy in case of repair or replacement of your product

The personal information you provide to us for repair or replacement of your product will be used in accordance with our Data Protection Policy for Consumers. You can find them here.


Be it via chat, Facebook, or telephone: Here’s how you can reach IQOS CARE and the IQOS Support Team.

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