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What advantages do I have with IQOS?

IQOS heats real tobacco instead of burning it. Accordingly, an IQOS tobacco heater delivers several advantages over conventional cigarettes. In contrast to a cigarette, IQOS has:

  • No ash: Since the tobacco is heated instead of burned, no ash is produced.
  • No fire: Since the temperature never exceeds 350ºC, no fire can be produced.
  • No smell of cigarette smoke: Instead of cigarette smoke, IQOS produces a tobacco aerosol.
  • Up to 95% fewer toxicants: Compared to a cigarette*. That’s because the tobacco is heated and not burned.

But that does not mean IQOS is risk-free: The best decision is still to quit smoking completely.

*Average reduction in the concentration of individual harmful substances (9 of the so-called “priority toxicants” identified by the WHO) in IQOS compared to the smoke from a reference cigarette (3R4F); evaluation using the Intense Smoking Regime from Health Canada without accounting for nicotine.


Be it via chat, Facebook, or telephone: Here’s how you can reach IQOS CARE and the IQOS Support Team.

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