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Does IQOS create smoke?
No, IQOS does not create cigarette smoke, because it does not burn the tobacco. The device creates a tobacco vapour (aerosol) that you can see when using the IQOS. It primarily consists of water, nicotine, and glycerin.
What is the difference between cigarettes and IQOS?
IQOS is an innovative product that heats a specially designed tobacco stick using a heating blade within a precisely controlled temperature range. The tobacco is thus heated, not burned as it is in cigarettes.
Can I use IQOS with standard cigarettes?
No, you should not do that. IQOS is only designed for use with tobacco sticks.
The holder becomes hot during use, is that normal?
Yes, that is normal since the tobacco stick is heated to a temperature of approximately 300 degrees Celsius by the holder.
Can IQOS be used in public spaces?
Even though the IQOS is not a cigarette, you must follow the laws on protecting non-smokers.
Can I take IQOS with me in my hand luggage on a plane?
Yes, you may take IQOS with you into the plane cabin. Using IQOS on planes is not permitted in most cases.
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