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If your device isn’t working, then please first reset your IQOS device in order to exclude a software error. You can learn how to reset your device here. Attention: If the device is defective (such as if the IQOS heating blade has broken), then please start the online troubleshooting tool immediately.

If the problem persists after resetting the device, then launch the online troubleshooting tool. Here you will also be informed if this is a warranty case and if you are entitled to get a replacement.

If neither a device reset nor the online troubleshooting tool have resolved the problem, then please contact the IQOS LiveChat.

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IQOS CARE PLUS is a free service offer featuring many additional IQOS benefits. Simply register your IQOS device with IQOS CARE PLUS via your customer account at Benefits include:
  • Worldwide warranty:
    Immediate device replacement - even when traveling.
  • Full coverage:
    Uncomplicated replacement of damaged devices - even when the damage has been caused by you.
The online troubleshooting tool is interactive and available to you around the clock. You can use this tool to identify the problem on your IQOS device step-by-step and, in the event of a warranty claim, have a direct replacement made. You can use the online diagnostic tool for an already registered device or continue without logging in. Online troubleshooting is this easy:
IQOS provides you with a voluntary warranty of 12 months. During this period, IQOS will replace or repair your device if the warranty conditions are met.

With the free IQOS CARE PLUS service package, you can gain additional coverage for your device, including a worldwide warranty.

More about the manufacturer warranty
IQOS provides you with a voluntary warranty of 12 months. Use the online troubleshooting tool to check whether replacement is available, or contact the IQOS LiveChat.
If you register for the free IQOS CARE PLUS service package, you will receive an additional free replacement device, even if the damage has been caused by you.

Return and/or place of return will depend on the channel used to make the original purchase.

IQOS Store or IQOS Corner:
If the device was purchased here, then return must also be made via an IQOS Store or an IQOS Corner.

IQOS customer consultant:
If the kit was purchased from a customer consultant, then return will be made via IQOS CARE (0800 - 1114767).

Online shop:
If you purchased your device via , then return must be made via IQOS CARE (0800 - 1114767).

Right of purchase revocation
When you purchase an IQOS from an IQOS customer consultant or via, you have a right of purchase revocation for 14 days. With the IQOS trial month, you can return your device within the 30-day test period.
A user guide for the IQOS Kit is included with every IQOS original package. The user guides for all IQOS models are also available for download in PDF format.

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