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You can track the current status of your order in your profile under "my order".

After your order has been shipped, you’ll receive an email with a shipping confirmation and a link for tracking your order. Click on the link and follow the information provided by our shipping partner to find out where your order is currently located.
In the event of purchase revocation, return shipping works best with our return label - which you can obtain very easily and free of charge. Please request a return label from the IQOS LiveChat free of charge. The purchase revocation period is 14 days.

With the IQOS trial month, you have 30 days to decide whether you’d like to make the purchase. Return shipment of the device within the trial month is likewise best done using the return label. The purchase revocation period remains unaffected by this.

Instructions for the proper shipment of devices containing lithium batteries

Devices containing lithium batteries are considered hazardous materials. If lithium batteries are damaged or short-circuited, the batteries may overheat and catch fire. Devices containing damaged lithium batteries are therefore not transportable!

This may affect the following devices: IQOS Pocket Charger and IQOS Holder.

Please check your IQOS device for the following signs:
  • Bloated or cracked/broken case
  • Heat generation even though there is no use
  • Melted or deformed parts
  • Sparks or stinging flames have occurred
  • A short circuit has occurred
If your device shows even one of these signs, it is not transportable! In this case we ask you to dispose of the device properly at a recycling center.

If your device is transportable please use the original packaging of the spare part and its shipping box to return it to us. This packaging already contains the dangerous goods label, which you need when shipping at least one Pocket Charger or more than two Holders.

Please make sure when shipping more than one device with a lithium battery that they do not touch each other in the shipping carton. In addition, the devices should not lie loose in the carton. Ideally, you should pack the products in the original sales packaging.

Please only return the devices that are defective or need to be replaced. If, for example, only your Holder is defective and you get it replaced, then send back only the Holder. However, if your entire kit is replaced, please send the complete IQOS kit back to us.
Delivery time is around 1-3 working days. We work closely with our logistics partners and make every effort to deliver your order as quickly and as safely as possible.
If you use a return label provided by Philip Morris, the return shipment is free of charge to you. You can request a return label in our IQOS LiveChat. Philip Morris will then cover the costs of return shipment.

Please always use the return label, otherwise the costs of return shipping cannot be covered or refunded by Philip Morris. Furthermore, the return label is the only way to ensure that your return is sent to the designated location.

Shipping costs (standard delivery) will be reimbursed by Philip Morris in case of purchase revocation. If a product is being returned due to a defect, then Philip Morris will also cover the cost of both outward and return shipment. You can use the free return shipping label to that end.
You can pay using the following services:
  • Credit card from providers Mastercard or Visa
  • Immediate bank transfer (Sofortüberweisung)
  • PayPal
  • Purchase on account (via service provider Klarna)
  • Payment by installments (via service provider Klarna)
In light of the high level of demand, longer delivery times of up to one week may be incurred during times of promotional offers.
Alternatively, you can track your shipment using the tracking number you received with your shipment confirmation.

Please note it may take a few days after shipping info is sent to DHL for the delivery to be dispatched.
We will of course provide you with information on the status of your delivery. After placing your IQOS order, we first send you an order confirmation. After product dispatch, you’ll receive shipping confirmation with a shipment number and a link to view the current status of your shipment.
We take our responsibility seriously as a consignor of tobacco products. IQOS products may only be handed over to a recipient following age verification. That is why delivery to package stations unfortunately is not possible.
Shipments can only be made within Germany. Delivery outside the Federal Republic of Germany unfortunately is not possible.
The IQOS Online Shop is exclusively intended for end consumers. That is why order quantity is limited to two IQOS devices. However, if you’d like to order more than two IQOS kits, then please submit multiple orders.
If you return an item within the purchase revocation period, then a credit be issued to the payments means you selected, i.e. PayPal, credit card, or bank account. If your purchase was made via Klarna, then the refund will be automatically processed through Klarna.

We endeavor to keep the period between return and the payment’s arrival to your account as short as possible.
Shipping for all products orders via is always free of charge for you.
Unfortunately, no. When picking up at a post office, your identification will be checked in order to verify your age. For this reason, you must always collect an IQOS package personally.
To return your IQOS device to us free of charge in case of a purchase revocation, you need a return label from Philip Morris. You can obtain this free of charge by contacting the IQOS LiveChat. The purchase revocation period is 14 days.

If you have ordered the IQOS trial month, you can return your device to us within the trial period of 30 days.
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