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Heets Tabaksticks FAQ

IQOS has been designed to heat a HEETS tobacco stick for about the same time as a cigarette, yet without burning tobacco. That is why the consumption duration of one HEETS tobacco stick approximately corresponds to that of one cigarette. A HEETS tobacco stick can be consumed for up to 6 minutes.

Please note: The exact duration will depend on consumer behavior and can vary, for example when taking very strong puffs from the tobacco stick.
A HEETS tobacco stick consists of multiple components: A high quality tobacco plug, a protective casing made of aluminum, a hollow channel, a cooling segment, and a filter.

Every HEETS tobacco stick is produced with the highest level of precision to guarantee a consistent and pleasant taste experience.

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There can be multiple reasons for when a HEETS tobacco stick doesn’t fit into the holder.

Tobacco remains in the cap
Perhaps some tobacco from a previously used HEETS tobacco stick became stuck in the cap. In this case, remove the tobacco residue using an IQOS cleaning stick or perform complete cleaning.

Tobacco stick compressed to much
Sometimes the tobacco in a HEETS tobacco stick is compressed a little stronger. In this case, simply roll the tobacco stick between your fingers briefly.

Cold heating rod
It is also helpful to preheat the heating rod and only insert the HEETS tobacco stick around 5 seconds after the heating phase has started. This makes it easier to insert the tobacco stick into the holder.

Important: The heating blade in the holder is very sensitive. Always proceed with caution.
HEETS tobacco sticks are currently available in seven flavors: HEETS Russet Selection, HEETS Bronze Selection, HEETS Sienna Selection, HEETS Teak Selection, HEETS Amber Selection, HEETS Yellow Selection, and HEETS Yellow Green Selection.

For all varieties, high-quality tobacco made from the finest tobacco leaves is used. The various HEETS flavors offer a wide variety of taste.

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No, do not use a HEETS tobacco stick twice. HEETS tobacco sticks have been designed such that consumption duration approximately corresponds to the length of one cigarette. Remove HEETS tobacco sticks that have already been used and then use a new one.
If a HEETS tobacco stick has been inserted incorrectly, you can simply remove it as long as the heating phase hasn’t been initiated. To do so, first open the cap and then pull out the tobacco stick.

If the heating phase has already started, then turn off your IQOS and let it cool down (approx. 30 seconds). Open the cap and pull the tobacco stick out carefully. Then you should clean your device before the next use.

If a HEETS tobacco stick has been inserted in the wrong direction, then it should never be used again.
HEETS tobacco sticks are shorter than cigarettes because the tobacco in them is compressed. The tobacco inside HEETS consists of the finest tobacco leaves, which have been ground and processed into a homogeneous tobacco plug. That’s what makes it possible for the tobacco to be heated instead of burned.

The duration of tobacco consumption remains the same: The average consumption experience approximately equates to that of a cigarette.
IQOS is different to cigarettes: With HEETS tobacco sticks, you’re experiencing the taste of real tobacco, which is heated but not burned. They don’t produce cigarette smoke, but rather a tobacco aerosol.

HEETS tobacco sticks are made from a specially selected tobacco blend: They provide the flavor that adult smokers are looking for to the greatest extent possible.
Yes, HEETS tobacco sticks do contain nicotine, which is addictive. Nicotine is a natural component in tobacco plants and is released in the tobacco aerosol that is produced when using IQOS.
No, HEETS tobacco sticks cannot be and must not be ignited using a match or a lighter under any circumstances. Use HEETS tobacco sticks only in combination with the IQOS holder. Conventional cigarettes cannot be used with the holder.
The tobacco in HEETS tobacco sticks is only heated, and not burned. That’s why no ash is produced and the tobacco sticks maintains its original length.
No, IQOS holders have been developed exclusively for use with patented HEETS tobacco sticks. Cigarettes cannot be used with the holder.
Even though the paper around the tobacco in HEETS Tobacco Sticks does not burn, heat is generated during operation: This may cause the paper and the tobacco to change color and the paper casing can to become moist.
No, do not re-use partially consumed HEETS tobacco sticks, for doing so can no longer guarantee an optimum flavor experience.
The heating phase on an IQOS device lasts around six minutes, after which it will switch off automatically. During that time, you can puff on the HEETS tobacco stick for up to six minutes (depending on consumption behavior).

If you do not puff on the tobacco stick, then the IQOS device will still shut off after around six minutes. The used HEETS tobacco stick can no longer be used after that.
IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it. Accordingly, it does not produce cigarette smoke, but rather a tobacco aerosol. This tobacco vapor consists of 80% water, which is a much higher proportion than in the smoke of conventional cigarettes and makes the vapor much less noticeable.

If you feel that too little tobacco vapor is being produced during the consumption of a HEETS tobacco stick compared to earlier IQOS usage, then please check the following:
  • Does the holder potentially need to be cleaned? The air supply to the holder may be blocked by tobacco residue.
  • Have you inserted the HEETS tobacco stick according to instructions, and is it correctly positioned without turning?
Please do not re-use a HEETS tobacco stick that has already been used once.
The price for a pack of HEETS is based on the standard cigarette prices in a country. Pricing policy takes various factors into account. An important role is placed by factors such as general economic conditions, the current situation of the market as a whole, and the cost of living in Germany.
That is why HEETS tobacco sticks are not available at lower prices in Germany, as can be found in some neighboring countries. By contrast, the price in Germany is lower than in France or Switzerland, to cite two examples.
We are continuously working on the quality of our HEETS tobacco sticks. That is why we have increased the spacing in the tobacco and also changed the way the tobacco is folded in the tobacco sticks. HEETS tobacco sticks are now much easier to insert into a holder. For consistent tobacco enjoyment from the first puff to the last.

There is no change in consumption duration or flavor. The current changes merely simplify use.

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We have increased the spacing in the tobacco in our tobacco sticks by changing the way the tobacco is folded.

This change contributes to
  • the tobacco sticks now being easier to insert into the holder
  • ensuring the aerosol is more consistent

The composition in the tobacco blends has not changed, so there is no effect on flavor or consumption duration.

You’ll find additional info here.
The two different weight specifications are based on two different legal requirements:
  • the real weight of the tobacco blend according to final packaging regulations
  • the measurement basis for tobacco taxation

The weight indication of 5.3 grams on the bottom of the package shows the actual weight of the tobacco blend per HEETS package.
For tobacco taxation purposes, a weight of 6 grams per pack is what counts, which is why that is what the tax label (tax band) indicates.

You’ll find additional info on this matter here.
HEETS tobacco sticks are made from carefully selected tobacco leaves and undergo strict quality control.
Should it happen in a rare exceptional case that you received damaged HEETS tobacco sticks, please contact either an IQOS Store near you or our IQOS LiveChat.
The European Union legislator made it a requirement to place such icons on the packages of certain disposable products that contain plastic. We support this directive and the associated sustainability program, as it is intended to inform adult consumers that labeled products should not be carelessly discarded but properly disposed of to protect the environment. The regulation is valid in all European Union Member States as of July 3rd, 2021.

Tips for disposal:
  1. On the road, HEETS tobacco sticks should be put back in their packaging after use or disposed of directly in the residual waste.
  2. At home, tobacco sticks should be disposed of in the normal residual waste.
The HEETS filter is made of cellulose acetate which is a bioplastic made from tree pulp cellulose. Cellulose acetate as commonly used in filters for tobacco products has the most efficient filtration properties. However, HEETS are not risk free and contain nicotine which is addictive.

The cooling segment (also called PLA filter) is made of a biopolymer (polylactic acid film) based on corn starch. This kind of PLA filter is widely used in the medical as well as the food industry. The PLA filter is designed to cool down the aerosol generated during tobacco heating and to turn it into an aerosol that is possible to be inhalable. The HEETS filter is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and weakly flammable.
The filter is made of cellulose acetate, which is odorless and tasteless before and during your IQOS heated tobacco experience. This is because the temperature inside the filter raises up to a maximum range of 35°C - 40°C which is much lower than the temperature at which cellulose acetate starts to melt (around 380°C). Cellulose acetate doesn’t impact your tobacco experience and does not release any smell or toxic substances.

The cooling segment (also called PLA filter) is made of a biopolymer (polylactic acid film) based on corn starch. This kind of PLA Filter is also commonly used in the medical and the food industry. The PLA filter is designed to cool down the aerosol generated by the heating tobacco and turn it into an aerosol that is possible to be inhaled. The HEETS filter is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and weakly flammable.
The cooling filter otherwise known as PLA filter, is made of polylactic acid which is one of the most widely used biopolymers made from corn starch. Since the PLA base is typically made from fermented plant starch such as from corn, it can be defined as a bioplastic. According to the European Union legislation on the management of single-use plastics, bioplastics are considered plastics even though they are not made from fossil-based polymers from which conventional plastics are made. Since the PLA material is usually made from fermented plant starch such as corn, it can be called a bioplastic.
HEETS filters are biodegradable, but this degradation takes so long that disposal in organic waste does not make sense and we therefore recommend disposing of them in the residual waste. HEETS contain tobacco, paper and PLA (a bioplastic made from organic matter) all of which are compostable. HEETS also contain cellulose acetate, a bioplastic made from wood cellulose.

So, for some years now, Philip Morris has been investigating other filter materials with a lower environmental impact than cellulose acetate. However, we have not yet found better alternatives to cellulose acetate, Of course, we’ll continue to explore new materials and processes as they become available.
Tobacco products with filters should not be littered as they decompose very slowly depending on the environment. The overall degradability of cigarette cuts depends on the surrounding biophysical conditions, with degradation times ranging from 3 months to 15 years.
The obligation to label extends to tobacco products with filters, as these are so-called disposable plastic products. This means that the packages for HEETS tobacco sticks, cigarettes and other tobacco products with filters will be marked with the new icon.
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