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How do I check the battery level?
You can easily check the battery level by following these steps:

1. Briefly press the on/off button of the IQOS 3 Multi to check the battery level.

2. The battery level LED lights up and indicates the battery level.
How long does it take to fully charge the IQOS 3 Multi?
It takes about 75 minutes to fully charge the IQOS 3 Multi using a power socket. You should only charge the IQOS 3 Multi with the provided IQOS adapter and USB cable.
Should I always fully charge the battery on my IQOS 3 Multi?
The IQOS 3 Multi does not to be fully charged to function properly. When the device is completely charged, you can use it up to 10 times before it must be recharged.
How do I reset my IQOS Multi?
Resetting your IQOS 3 Multi is very easy: Press the button for 10 seconds and then release. The status LED flashes in order to confirm the reset.
Do I have to charge my IQOS Multi before the first use?
Yes. Because your IQOS Multi is delivered in an uncharged state, you must charge it before the first use.
What does it mean when my IQOS 3 Multi vibrates?
The holder vibrate function is activated in the following situations:

- it vibrates once when heating begins (as soon as you press the on/off button on the holder in order to start heating)
- it vibrates twice as soon as your IQOS 3 Multi is ready for use
- it vibrates twice when the tobacco is almost consumed (approx. 30 seconds before the end)

What does the light on my IQOS 3 Multi mean?
A white LED always means that the IQOS 3 Multi is either charging, ready for use, or completely charged or reset. A red LED always means that there is a device malfunction or the device is being used outside its recommended operating temperature (0°C to 50°C). If this is the case, please reset your IQOS and try again.

Do you need more assistance? Please contact IQOS Care by phone at 0800 - 1114 767, available free of charge daily from 9am to 9pm. You can reach us via contact form HERE. More contact options can be found within the support section . Your nearest IQOS Store will also be happy to help.

What is the optimal operating temperature of my IQOS 3 Multi?
The IQOS 3 Multi functions within a broad temperature range. However, HEETS tobacco sticks taste best when the system is operated at a temperature between 0℃ and 50℃.
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