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How many time can I draw on a HEETS tobacco stick?
IQOS was designed in such a way that a HEET tobacco stick is heated for approximately the same time and the same number of draws as a cigarette, but without burning the tobacco. A HEET tobacco stick should last for about 14 draws or 6 minutes, whichever comes first.
Why are HEETS tobacco sticks shorter than cigarettes?
HEETS tobacco sticks were specially developed for use with IQOS and contain compressed tobacco that is only heated and not burned. The duration of the average smoking experience is similar to that of a cigarette.
Why do HEETS tobacco sticks taste different than my standard cigarettes?
The flavour of IQOS is different than a cigarette because the tobacco is heated, not burned. The true flavour of the tobacco is released by heating the tobacco. HEETS tobacco sticks consist of a specially chosen tobacco mixture that matches the expectations of adult smokers with respect to taste and pleasure as much as possible.
Do HEETS tobacco sticks contain nicotine?
Yes, HEETS tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive. Nicotine is a natural part of the tobacco plant and is released in the vapour created when using the IQOS.
What are HEET tobacco sticks made of?
The tobacco stick consists of three parts: The first component is high-quality compressed tobacco. The tobacco is surrounded with aluminum foil. The second component is a wood cylinder that channels the smoke flow. The third component of the tobacco stick is the biodegradable polymer filter. It is made of sugar sticks or starch, is specially designed for the tobacco sticks, and cools the tobacco vapour to a suitable temperature. More information on the ingredients of IQOS and HEETS can be found HERE.
Why can't I insert the HEET tobacco stick into the holder correctly?
If you have trouble inserting the HEET tobacco stick, check to see if any tobacco from a previously used tobacco stick is stuck in the end cap. In this case, remove the tobacco residue using the IQOS cleaner or IQOS cleaning tool. Please make sure not to apply too much pressure to the heating blade inside the holder when cleaning with the cleaner or cleaning tool, the cleaning sticks or cleaning hook, since the blade may become damaged if exposed to too much stress.
Can HEETS tobacco sticks be ignited with a match or lighter?
No, HEETS tobacco sticks cannot and may not be ignited with a match or lighter under any circumstances. Tobacco sticks should only be used with the holder. Cigarettes cannot be used with the holder.
Why do HEETS tobacco sticks have the same length after use as before use?
Because tobacco is not burned with HEETS tobacco sticks, but rather is only heated, there is no ash and the tobacco stick retains its original length.
Can I insert my standard cigarette brand into the holder?
No, the IQOS holder was exclusively developed for use with patented HEETS tobacco sticks. Cigarettes cannot be used in the IQOS holder.
Why are HEETS tobacco sticks damp after use and why does the paper around the tobacco become brown?
The paper around the tobacco in HEETS tobacco sticks does not burn, but it is normal for its colour to change for for the paper to become damp when the tobacco is heated.
If only part of a HEETS tobacco stick is used, can I take it out and use it up later?
No, partially consumed HEETS tobacco sticks should not be reused since they will no longer provide the optimal flavour.
When do HEETS tobacco sticks expire?
HEETS tobacco sticks do not have an expiry date. To ensure a constant taste experience and to preserve freshness, do not store HEETS tobacco sticks in direct sunlight or expose them to humidity or humid weather conditions.
For further questions, we can be reached free of charge via our IQOS CARE Hotline 0800 – 1114 767 or via our Live Chat.
What happens if I begin heating the HEETS tobacco stick but do not draw on the tobacco stick?
HEETS tobacco sticks remain in a continuous heating mode until the end of use, which lasts approximately six minutes. You may draw on the tobacco stick at any point during this time. After the heating mode finishes, the holder is switched off automatically. Remove the tobacco stick and dispose of it.
What flavour variants of the HEETS tobacco sticks are offered?
Tobacco sticks are available in the following variants: HEETS Terra Selection, HEETS Bronze Selection, HEETS Sienna Selection, HEETS Teak Selection, HEETS Amber Selection, and HEETS Yellow Selection. The Terra Selection variant is a powerful and matured tobacco mixture, the Bronze Selection is intense and harmonious. The Sienna Selection is powerful and characteristic, the Teak Selection is rounded and creamy. The Amber Selection is fine and distinctive, and the Yellow Selection is harmoniously mild.
Information about the menthol ban as per 20 May 2020
As per 20 May 2020, menthol tobacco products will no longer be permitted for sale in any of the EU Member States or Duty Free shops. That means HEETS Turquoise Selection will no longer be available due to national regulations. More information can be found here.
In which countries are IQOS and HEETS tobacco sticks available?
HEETS tobacco sticks can be purchased in many countries throughout the world. The countries in which HEETS tobacco sticks can be purchased are listed below:

Europe: Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus
Eastern Europe: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine
East Asia and Australia: Japan, New Zealand, South Korea
Middle East and Africa: Israel, Réunion, Northern Cyprus, Palestine, South Africa
Latin America and Canada: Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Canada, Columbia

Further information can be found in the STORE FINDER.

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