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Meet IQOS 3

IQOS 3 is a two-part heated tobacco system that works hand-in-hand to heat real tobacco. The pocket charger fits perfectly in your hand to keep you recharged for 20 single tobacco moments.

This is combined with the IQOS Holder and comes equipped with our IQOS ProtectPlus™ System for lasting protection and reliability.

Individualize your IQOS by exploring our widest range of IQOS accessories and four device colors: Warm White, Velvet Grey, Stellar Blue, and Brilliant Gold.


IQOS 3 white on wooden table

Take your time to get to know IQOS 3

IQOS 3 - our latest solution of heated tobacco technology that brings the same heated tobacco satisfaction as pioneered with our previous IQOS devices.

IQOS 3 next to coffee cups IQOS 3 Holder and Charger

Compact Design:

IQOS 3 has a compact design starting from the curves of its beautifully rounded edges all the way to its premium finishes.

IQOS Protect Plus™ System:

Protection and reliability are redefined with a robust outer shell to improve shock resistance, a longer battery lifespan and a newly designed door opening for improved reliability.

Make it Yours:

Experience all the styles IQOS 3 has to offer with over 500 ways to make this heated tobacco system uniquely yours.

Female hand holding IQOS charger

Compact design

Man holding IQOS

A design that integrates function for IQOS. Edges have been elegantly constructed for a more natural in-hand feel while mechanical buttons have been repositioned for greater intuitive access.

A reimagined door design opens seamlessly from the side to reveal the smallest IQOS holder we've ever created and enhanced vibration and LED illumination functions provide a more responsive experience with every use.

This cutting-edge heated tobacco system comes in four stunning finishes to bring a new level of charm to your tobacco moments.

Man holding IQOS
IQOS 3 ProtectPlus

IQOS ProtectPlus™ System

IQOS 3 is engineered to last. Our IQOS ProtectPlus™ System uses robust materials and fortified design to safeguard your heated tobacco system. A robust outer shell enhances shock resistance while stress-tested door openings provide guaranteed performance, even after many uses.

We give you peace of mind that your IQOS will remain and provide you with a longer battery lifespan. IQOS 3 is designed to weather with a greater range of temperatures so that you have guaranteed performance across a range of weather conditions that you and your IQOS encounter.

Make it yours

IQOS 3 Caps Color Range

Our colorful and elegant accessories are designed with the highest quality materials to protect your IQOS 3.

Explore over 500 combinations of new dazzling caps, door covers and leather pouches for the perfect finishing touch to your heated tobacco system across any occasion.


IQOS 3 Caps Color Range

Latest Generation

IQOS 3 is the evolution of heated tobacco technology that takes the best from our classic heat-not-burn device. We have learned over the course of three years what it takes to improve the IQOS experience further.

Our vision is to take a completely reimagined design, a more resilient form, longer battery life and even greater selection of IQOS accessories. This is IQOS 3. This is the latest heated tobacco system.


Hand puts IQOS into charger
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