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A classic alternative.

IQOS 2.4 Set

Enter the world of IQOS with our classic IQOS 2.4 Plus device.

IQOS 2.4 plus in womans hands Hand holding IQOS IQOS 2.4 plus closeup
IQOS 2.4 plus white

Easy to use

The IQOS 2.4 Plus is intuituve and easy to use.


IQOS on coffee table

Simply IQOS

IQOS on coffee table

Our classic IQOS 2.4 Plus is a revolutionary heat-not-burn device that is simple to use.

The IQOS 2.4 Plus starter kit comes equipped with a Pocket Charger and Holder system that works hand-in-hand to give you all the benefits of IQOS without the cigarette smoke smell, fire, and ash that you don't want.

IQOS 2.4 plus
Woman holding purse and IQOS case Hand holding IQOS case IQOS 2.4 plus leather case

Make it yours

IQOS 2.4 plus leather case Hand holding IQOS case Woman holding purse and IQOS case

Tobacco satisfaction meets function through our extensive range of IQOS 2.4 Plus accessories.
Make your IQOS 2.4 Plus moments stand out through our assortment of 12 cap colors, leather pouches, sleeves, and carrying cases that offer added protection and additional colors.


A new tobacco experience

By choosing IQOS you move from cigarettes to a new alternative. IQOS 2.4 Plus was born from the need to deliver a satisfying heated tobacco experience to adult smokers that is free from fire, ash and cigarette smoke smell. Experience IQOS 2.4 Plus.


IQOS 2.4 plus lavender
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