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Get more information about the composition of the HEETS tobacco sticks and the function of IQOS.

Composition of the HEETS tobacco sticks

The HEETS consist of several filter elements, including a polymer filter, a hollow channel tube and a piece of tobacco rod.
The tobacco rod consists of 100 percent tobacco foil, which consists of at least about 70% tobacco and other ingredients, such as Glycerine, bonding agents and flavourings.
To produce the tobacco foil, various pure tobaccos are mixed, ground and then processed into a tobacco foil and finally into a tobacco rod using a special method.
The tobacco rolls produced using this method are characterized by a high degree of homogeneity; this is a necessary prerequisite for ensuring HEETS (see below) produce a consistently uniform, nicotine-containing aerosol (tobacco vapour).

Composition of IQOS aerosol

The IQOS tobacco heating system is a battery-operated device, controlled by electrical control modules, that heats the tobacco contained in the HEETS to an exact temperature without causing the tobacco to burn. IQOS, therefore, does not produce smoke through combustion, but rather a nicotine-containing aerosol (tobacco vapour).

Scientific research has confirmed that most of the harmful and potentially harmful substances contained in cigarette smoke result from the burning process that takes place during smoking.

IQOS heats tobacco to about 300 degrees compared to about 600 - 800 degrees for a cigarette. The amount of harmful and potentially harmful substances released is significantly lower than with cigarettes. According to our comparative measurements, the amount of these substances in the IQOS aerosol is reduced by an average of 90% compared to cigarette smoke.* Our studies suggest that it is probably less harmful to switch completely to IQOS than to smoke more cigarettes.

This does not mean that using IQOS is harmless or without risk. HEETS contain nicotine, a substance that is addictive. Smokers who want to quit smoking or non-smokers should never consume IQOS/HEETS.

*Average reduction in the concentration (weight per tobacco stick) of a broad spectrum of harmful and potentially harmful substances in IQOS as compared to smoke from a representative selection of more than 1,600 cigarette brands available in more than 40 countries (including Germany) (measured between 2008 and 2017); Data collected by the Intense Smoking Regime of Health Canada without consideration of nicotine.

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