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Menthol Ban Detail

Menthol’s on the way out. HEETS variety is here to stay.

As per 20 May 2020, menthol tobacco products will no longer be permitted for sale in any of the EU Member States or Duty Free shops. In Germany, the ban applies to classic cigarettes and fine cut tobacco as well as cigarillos and HEETS with menthol flavor. That means HEETS Turquoise Selection will no longer be available for sale starting on 20 May 2020 due to national regulations.
In other EU countries, HEETS with menthol flavor will continue to be available, depending on national legislation.

Thanks to the unique range of flavors, you’ll also be able to find the HEETS which are right for you - and experience the authentic flavor of real tobacco.
In addition to HEETS Bronze Selection, HEETS Sienna Selection, HEETS Amber Selection, and HEETS Yellow Selection, the two new flavors of HEETS Terra and Teak Selection were recently added to the permanent product line.

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