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New flavor variety. For a short time only.

In addition to the four standard flavors of Sienna, Bronze, Yellow and Amber Selection, two additional HEETS flavors are now available in limited edition: Teak Selection and Terra Selection. They complement the HEETS line with two new flavor notes to provide for even more variety.

Teak Selection stands out with a balanced, roasted tobacco blend: Its refined nutty aromas underscore the well-rounded, creamy flavor and provide for an intense flavor experience. Terra Selection’s perfect coordination in its roasted tobacco blend creates a robust, pleasantly ripe flavor. For everyone who values especially full-bodied, intense roasted flavor. You can find the two new HEETS flavors Teak Selection and Terra Selection in all IQOS Stores now, or order your favorite flavors directly here from the IQOS Online Shop – free of shipping costs, of course.

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