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All-in-one solution IQOS

The new IQOS Multi – all-in-one, pocket size device

As a perfect complement to your IQOS 3 kit, you can now also buy the IQOS 3 Multi in the IQOS Online Shop.

The new IQOS Multi is the all-in-one solution as it's a holder and pocket charger in one. In addition, the IQOS Multi is also more compact than the new IQOS 3 and the predecessor model IQOS 2.4 Plus. When you have fully charged your Multi, you can consume 10 tobacco sticks in succession without having to recharge it. The Multi therefore, is also the perfect companion for travelling. After 10 HEETS you can conveniently recharge the Multi with the included USB-cable and AC power adapter or the car mount in combination with the USB-cable.

The new device is available in different colors:

Warm White, Brilliant Gold, Stellar Blue, and Velvet Grey.

In addition to the different colors, you also have the opportunity to make your IQOS Multi a unique piece with matching accessories!

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