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Finding the right alternative

IQOS or e-cigarettes? When it comes to selecting an alternative, there is no such thing as “better.” Every smoker needs to decide which principle aligns best with his needs and personal preferences. That is why everyone who is considering a switch from cigarettes to an e-cigarette or a tobacco heating system should start by asking themselves what the reasons are for changing and what the specific goal being pursued is. Only then should they start taking a closer look at the various offers out there, compare them, and then ideally take plenty of time to try them and figure out which model is the right one.

What do e-cigarettes and IQOS have in common?

Whether e-cigarettes or IQOS, both have one important attribute in common: They run on electricity and use electrically-generated heat - this stands in contrast to normal cigarettes, which burn tobacco. The key advantage is: The vapor from e-cigarettes and tobacco heating systems contains significantly lower levels of toxins than the smoke from cigarettes because smoke isn’t released until after combustion.1 Now, whether a normal e-cigarette or IQOS is to be preferred: Both are technically sophisticated, easy to use, and safe to operate.

Woman holding IQOS 3 device

IQOS and the difference to e-cigarettes

There is one feature that distinguishes tobacco heating systems like IQOS from normal e-cigarettes: They heat genuine tobacco, thereby producing tobacco vapor. IQOS uses the innovative HEETS tobacco sticks, consisting of ultra-fine tobacco leaves that have been carefully processed and crafted into small tobacco sticks. HEETS tobacco sticks ensure that the tobacco in IQOS is always heated evenly.

IQOS 3 Kit white

Heating tobacco instead of burning it - what does that mean?

IQOS 3 Kit white

Whether tobacco is heated or burned may seam like a minor detail at first. However, this difference does change everything:

  • No fire means no ash
  • No more cigarette smoke smell on hands, hair, clothes, or furniture
  • No disproportionate burdening of the people nearby
  • 90% lower toxin levels than cigarettes2

IQOS uses innovative HeatControl™ technology to heat tobacco to up to 350°C without burning it. A patented ceramic heat blade guarantees ideal temperature for 14 puffs or 6 minutes - which means there is consistent a new and authentic tobacco flavor. From the first puff to the last.

Test IQOS for 30 days

2Average reduction in concentration (weight per tobacco stick) for a broad spectrum of harmful and potentially harmful substances in IQOS versus the smoke from a representative selection of more than 1600 cigarette brands available in more than 40 countries (including Germany) (measured between 2008 and 2017); evaluation using the Intense Smoking Regime from Health Canada without accounting for nicotine.

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