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Everything you need to know about e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are “cigarettes” that work with electricity, usually supplied with power via battery. Electric cigarettes are a relatively new product: Following initial attempts in the 1960s, a breakthrough came in the early 2000s when the vaporization of flavored liquids was developed all the way to market maturity. All e-cigarettes since then have had a similar structure: They have a battery, which supplies vaporizing unit with power and usually heats a heat blade contained in the unit; and a liquid, which is located in a tank or a cartridge and is turned into vapor in the vaporizing unit, after which it can be inhaled via a mouthpiece. E-cigarettes are frequently called vaporizers. IQOS is an electric “cigarette” that vaporizes tobacco instead of a liquid.


When comparing e-cigarettes vs. cigarettes the first thing one notices is: E-cigarettes vaporize a liquid and do not burn tobacco. That is why some of the biggest disadvantages to cigarettes are discarded: They do not produce any smoke that sticks to clothing and hair; but rather a vapor, which dissipates more quickly. That means there is significantly less odor. And since no combustion takes place, there is neither fire nor ash.

When comparing the principles of these two products, one discovers several advantages to e-cigarettes. When it comes to the pros and cons of e-cigarettes, many people who are interested in a new e-cigarette view health to be the most important argument in favor of e-cigarettes. Studies1 infer that the vapor from e-cigarettes contains lower levels of toxins than the smoke from normal cigarettes. The reason: E-cigarettes function based on vaporization, not combustion. Accordingly, many harmful combustion products don’t have an opportunity to appear at all.

Many smokers are on a search for e-cigarettes with tobacco as an alternative to smoking. Contrary to normal e-cigarettes, IQOS for example does not vaporize a liquid. IQOS heats tobacco to produce a tobacco vapor. IQOS combines many of the advantages of e-cigarettes (no ash, no cigarette smoke odor, lower levels of toxins) with the authentic flavor of genuine tobacco. IQOS is the new way to enjoy tobacco - that is why many people find IQOS to be a better alternative.


How do e-cigarettes work?

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Read more about the structure and function of e-cigarettes - and how to use them correctly. You’ll also find everything you need to know about liquids and tobacco heating systems (often called e-cigarettes with tobacco). Everything people who want to buy a new e-cigarette need to know.

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Alternatives to smoking cigarettes

Do smoke-free cigarettes exist? And what is the right way to replace cigarettes for smokers who want to continue consuming nicotine? You’ll find all information here.

More about replacing cigarettes

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IQOS Comparison of e-cigarette and cigarette

E-cigarettes and cigarettes in comparison

Are e-cigarettes a better alternative for smokers who want to continue to consume nicotine? The great comparison: e-cigarettes vs. cigarettes.

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