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Finding the right substitute for cigarettes faster

It isn’t possible to make a generalizing declaration on which alternative to cigarettes is the right one. After all, people have dissimilar preferences and lifestyles. Every smoker has different aspects that are important to them. The key point to keep in mind is: Anyone looking for an alternative to cigarettes should not be in a hurry during the switch. It’s best to gather information right from the start, or ask people you know if they or anyone they know have had experience with replacing cigarettes. Then you should compare and contrast all of the options available on the market. Ideally, you’ll allow yourself plenty of time to discover which alternative to smoking is best for you. Those who take their time at the start will actually end up finding the alternative that is right for them faster.

IQOS as an alternative to e‑cigarettes

IQOS offers several advantages compared to other smoking alternatives. Compared to e-cigarettes, for example: Since IQOS does not vaporize a liquid and heats genuine tobacco instead, it delivers a new, authentic tobacco flavor. Simultaneously, IQOS enjoys many of the advantages of normal e-cigarettes: Lower levels of toxins than tobacco cigarettes, less odor of cigarette smoke, no fire, no ash. That makes IQOS a real alternative to e-cigarettes.

IQOS - A special tobacco heating system

Hands holding IQOS HEETS and Charger

IQOS - A special tobacco heating system

IQOS also has several advantages to offer over other tobacco vaporizers. The tobacco vaporizers and tobacco heaters out on the market utilize an array of technologies. IQOS is the manifestation of more than 3 billion euros of investment and 10 years of development work. One of the results has been the innovative HeatControl™ technology: It facilitates even heating of HEETS, which were exclusively developed for IQOS, to up to 350°C. The tobacco is not burned. Instead, a tobacco vapor is produced. The patented ceramic heat blade guarantees ideal temperature for 14 puffs or 6 minutes. For genuine tobacco flavor from the first puff to the last.

Hands holding IQOS HEETS and Charger

No smoke, fewer toxins

Compared to tobacco cigarettes, IQOS releases significantly fewer harmful substances. The reason: When heating HEETS tobacco sticks, IQOS merely produces dissipative tobacco vapor without any tobacco smoke. Comparative analyses have determined that the volume of toxins is 90% lower in IQOS aerosol than in tobacco cigarette smoke on average.*

IQOS 3 Kit velvet grey

Why IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it

IQOS 3 Kit velvet grey

  • No fire means there is no ash and no cigarette smoke odor
  • No disproportionate burdening of the people nearby
  • No persistent smell on hands, in hair, or on clothing
  • No combustion gases and therefore significantly lower levels of toxins
  • New, authentic tobacco flavor thanks to genuine tobacco

Simply take some time to find out whether IQOS is the right alternative for you.

Test IQOS for 30 days

*Average reduction in concentration (weight per tobacco stick) for a broad spectrum of harmful and potentially harmful substances in IQOS versus the smoke from a representative selection of more than 1600 cigarette brands available in more than 40 countries (including Germany) (measured between 2008 and 2017); evaluation using the Intense Smoking Regime from Health Canada without accounting for nicotine.

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