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Finding the right replacement for cigarettes faster

More and more people are looking for an alternative to smoking. The best option is to quit smoking entirely. Since that isn’t on the table for everyone, there are a series of alternatives to tobacco cigarettes available.

The subject of health is one of the things that concern people who are looking for a tobacco replacement: When smoking tobacco, a wide range of toxins are released that can damage health over the long-term. The harmful combustion gases not only make smoking a risk factor for a wide range of diseases, they also bother the people in the immediate vicinity. At the very least, an alternative to smoking should reduce toxin levels significantly.

Another issue that many smokers are concerned about is the unpleasant smell. The odor nuisance is enormous when it comes to tobacco smoke: The smell of smoke gets into smokers’ hands, hair, and clothing and it stays there. It also sticks to furniture, textiles, carpeting, and rugs. Accordingly, a cigarette alternative should leave less of a trace in the air and dissipate faster than normal tobacco smoke does.

It is beyond question that normal tobacco cigarettes have a plethora of disadvantages. Each smoker has their own personal reason for looking for an alternative to smoking. That is why there isn’t just one single smoking alternative that is going to be right for every smoker. Rather, the best alternative is going to depend on the smoker’s respective situation, lifestyle, and environment.

Hands holding cigarettes and multiple e-cigarettes

Recent years have seen the arrival of smoking alternatives and a high number of smokers switching to them. One of the most popular is the E‑cigarette: It vaporizes flavored liquids, which usually contain nicotine. This vapor contains fewer toxins than the smoke from a cigarette and dissipates faster than persistent tobacco smoke. Tobacco vaporizers and tobacco heating systems are likewise becoming more and more popular: These devices do not burn tobacco, but rather heat it until tobacco vapor is produced. Most smokers looking for less-harmful cigarettes end up with one of these two alternatives. Anyone looking for cigarettes that are entirely emissions-free is going to have a difficult time: The aerosol from tobacco vaporizers and the vapor from e-cigarettes do contain harmful emissions and are perceivable in the air, even if they dissipate much faster than normal cigarette smoke.

Many smokers find, for example, IQOS to be the cigarette replacement that is right for them: IQOS does not burn tobacco, but rather heats it in the form of HEETS tobacco sticks. Accordingly, IQOS combines the advantages of an e-cigarette with the new, authentic flavor of genuine tobacco.

Hands holding cigarettes and multiple e-cigarettes

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Hand holds e-cigarette

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